Atlanta Tick Control Services

Tick infestations pose a major threat to the health of your trees and your loved ones if they’re left unchecked by experienced arborists like those here at Arbor Tree Care. These tiny, pesky insects commonly spread infectious disease to plants, animals, and people, some of which (including Lyme disease, Powassen, Babesiosis, and Ehrlichiosis) can be very dangerous, even potentially deadly. This is precisely why tree service in Atlanta, GA performed by Arbor Tree Care arborists now can include tick control in Atlanta, GA!

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The tick control Atlanta, GA specialists here at Arbor Tree Care represent some of the most detail-oriented and reliable Atlanta tree care representatives on the market today. What’s more, tick control in Atlanta, GA is a very customizable form of tree service in Atlanta, GA and so with the help of our experienced local arborists you’re sure to be able to find the style of tick control in Atlanta, GA that best suits your needs and budget. Some of our most popular forms of tick control in Atlanta, GA include:

  • Tree pruning to reduce the humidity that ticks need to thrive
  • Discouraging the settling of tick-carrying animals
  • Deer and tick repellant spray application
  • Specialized fencing installation
  • Newly developed organic tick elimination methods

With so many different forms of tick control in Atlanta, GA you can count on the experienced arborists from Arbor Tree Care who perform your Atlanta tree services to greatly reduce the risk of these pests becoming a problem ever again. Contact our friendly tree service Atlanta, GA representatives to schedule a free estimate for tick control in Atlanta, GA today to speak with our trained professionals about the ideal Atlanta tree care services for your unique home.